ION TV is the Bengali Language Infotainment channel rooted in tradition, faith in innovation, and technology. The channel is newly established to inspire the larger Bengali community, both of Indian and Bangladeshi origin living in the UK and eventually in Europe. The UK has approximately 1.4 million Bengali residents both from India and Bangladesh. For this huge Bengali population, ION TV was launched with the philosophy and vision of Mr. Enam Ali MBE, to be the first Bengali channel in the UK targeting Bengalis from India and Bangladesh. The channel has garnered huge respectability and popularity after the launch. Now the channel has roped in leading professionals from the Media industry from India for the next big leap.

UK Broadcast: Sky Channel 773

AOR in the UK: Ethnic Media Limited

Why choose ION TV as your broadcasting partner?

  • ION TV has approximately 1.4 million viewers across the UK.
  • ION TV has a huge viewership and it is one of the most popular Bangla channel.
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